My Story

Hello my name is Leea Pronovost and I have the best job in the world. Calling it a job really isn’t a truth, as it is my passion and I do not consider it work.

I help people to heal from trauma using alternative healing services. Well let me explain I actually help people, by teaching them to heal themselves.

Back a while ago I had an NDE (Near Death Experience) and during this the doctors gave me a 7% chance of survival, needless to say I’m here, but what I found during this time is my life’s purpose, I learned how to heal myself and figured I could help others heal. So, I started to use a mixture of Reiki and Shamanic practices with Crystals to offer sessions to people.

So, I started to practice healing people, one thing I found is people once they started to feel better they would stop seeing me. A year later I would see them again and they were still having the same issues or even new issues, this is when I decided there has to be a better way of serving people. This really bothered me because it felt like I wasn’t serving people the way I thought I was intended to.

I was doing this in my spare time as I had a day job at the time. I thought long and hard as to how I could better serve my clients. It took me a few years to come up with this even though it was painfully obvious, somehow it wasn’t clear to me at the time. This is when it finally occurred to me that if I taught people to heal themselves this would better serve them.

                                              Leea Pronovost Light Spirit Medicine where we help people to heal themselves!

I started to teach others to heal themselves. I have been learning healing services for 42 years, in one form or another. I studied meditation, hypnosis, Shamanic practices, Reiki, Crystals, Ayurvedic Medicine, Lucid Dreaming, Energy Medicine, Astral Projection, among other things. What I teach in a basic program is a mix of all of this in an eight-week long course. I also offer more advanced courses in the different modalities that I teach.

I found that I love to teach people, show them things they never thought possible. This is the best feeling I’ve ever had because I truly feel like I’m really serving others by doing this. This way they do not always need to come back to see me for more healing as they can do that for themselves. Of course I do offer followup to the training as I’m in this for the long haul to help as many people raise their vibrational level so the entire planet can then shift into the light of Spirit.

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