Healing Sessions

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki what is it?
  • Usui is the founder of the modern movement and teaching of Reiki as an energy healing practice
  • It is a modality of energy healing
  • Reiki is the use of the life force energy
  • The practitioner is a conduit for this energy
  • The recipient is then treated with this energy
  • The recipient use this energy to assist their body to heal

Usui Reiki Individual Sessions      $90/hr

Usui Reiki Discount Packages       5,  1 hour sessions $400

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki what is it?
  • Crystal Reiki combines Usui Reiki with the energy of crystals
  • Based upon individual  information we combine specific crystals with the use of traditional Reiki
  • Crystal contain certain specific energies in how they are formed
  • This specific energy is then used to enhance the Reiki energy to help the body heal
  • Specific recommendations for purchasing certain crystals will be supplied after the session

Crystal Reiki Individual Sessions            $90/hr

Crystal Reiki Discount Packages              5,  1 hour sessions $400

Energy Mastery Healing

Energy Mastery what is it?
  • Energy Mastery has its foundation in India and can be found in references from the ancient Vedas
  • It is the energy side of the Ayurvedic practices used in cleansing the energy fields and chakras

Energy Mastery Individual Sessions          $90/hr

Energy Mastery Discount Packages             5,  1 hour sessions $400

Shamanic Practices

Shamanic Practices what is it?

The word Shaman is actually derived from Mongolia, but has become a general term to explain or symbolize the energetic healing practices of many different tribal communities. What we use here is a mixture of Toltec, and Incas, with a hint of Lakota, and Iroquois!

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing what is it?
  • We use a mixture of what is called “Seeing” or maybe a better term is perceiving, the energy field surrounding the body, combined with a barrage of questions as to what the issues are.
  • Then we use the combined knowledge to enter into a altered state to work with our combined spirit guides/animals to cleanse the chakras, and the auric fields of the recipient.
  • Sometimes messages come through telling us to recommend supplements, which will be relayed to you.

Shamanic Healing Individual Sessions            $100/hr

Shamanic Healing Discount Packages               5,  1 hour sessions $450

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Journeying what is it?
  • In a Shamanism there is a common belief of there being three worlds, the Upper World (the spirit world if you will), The Middle World (which is where we live in the physical world), and the Lower World, ( the world of plants and animals), none of which has anything to do with the traditional religions of the world, for the most part.
  • Journey to each of the worlds are accomplished in a single session.
  • Lower world is where we can learn of plants or be introduced to your totem animal.
  • Middle world is where we can journey to know more of and observe ourselves and the world in which we live.
  • Upper world is where we can meet and learn from spirit guides/teachers that have been with you in this life as well as others

Shamanic Journeying Individual Sessions            $100

Shamanic Journeying Discount Packages               5,  1 hour sessions $450

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Soul Retrieval what is it?
  • First let’s talk about the soul from a shamanic point of view. The soul is to the energy field as the heart is to the physical body. It has four chambers just like the heart. The Chamber of Wounds, The Chamber of Contracts, The Chamber of Grace, and The Chamber of Treasures.
  • We are brought into the middle world under a soul contract.
  • When a person has suffered from some sort of trauma whether small or large what happens is the soul contract is auto re-written according to the incident usually under the understanding of protection of the individual. This is not always a good thing as it is agreed to during a time of stress.
  • In the retrieval process we will journey to each chamber. Look at what is going on, in a separate shamanic journey process.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval             $500

We use Herbs, Oils, Tinctures, and Essences to also aid in the healing process
  • Note if this comes up during a session this information will be giving to you freely.
  • If just interested in this type of help then a session will be needed in order to read your individual auric field, which all maladies start in the energy field surrounding the body.
  • In order to get to the root cause of this we perceive your energetic field and look for anomalies.
  • Depending upon where these are found and what they look like we will recommend a course of action based upon that information.

Single session for supplemental healing through the use of herbs, oils, tinctures, and essences, or crystals.

Herbs – The plants themselves can be used in many different forms, powder, tea, added to recipes, and salves, this depends upon the plant and also the usage.

Essential Oils – Are extracted from the plants and then the best way is through a steam distillation process where no additives are used to extract the oils. When extracted this way it makes them safe for aromatherapy, and if needed consumption depending upon the plant and the treatment.

Tinctures – Are the extraction of the plants oils through an alcohol distillation process and are not as strong of a solution as Essential Oils, these are typically used topically.

Essences – In the morning the dew is extracted from the flowers of the plants to produce the essence, and these can be used in all modalities of consumption once again depending upon the plant and the treatment.

Crystals – Contain different energy signatures and are used to help work on various chakras and parts of the body, for healing, as well as spiritual awakening, protection, amplification of energies, and many other ways!


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